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How does the Gunankana Shorten Link service work?

Gunankana is a revolutionary way of making money from sending people to links. If you have a very long links on popular websites like YouTube videos links, or have a link to download from popular sharing sites like dailydownloads, zippyshare, mega, openload, dropbox etc. or your document, slides and pdf documents from google docs or cloud drive whose links are often hard to remember, simply drop the link in the Gunankana Shorten Link and drive your friends, relatives and people to click on your Gunankana short URL. You earn money for every clicks on your links.

What is the minimum amount that can be withdrawn and What is the service charge?

The minimal withdrawal amount is $20 and service charge is 15%. The service charge is applied for our services provided to publishers and fees associated with sending payment. On time to time we may decide increasing or decreasing the service charge as per market analysis and fees structure of the payment gateways which will be updated on the site.

What is the minimum time taken for withdrawals to be processed?

Withdrawals are being processed manually and most are processed within 24-96 hours from the time you request payment to see the money into your PayPal or Payza account. Currently, we payout users on a monthly basis in order to minimize transaction fees. You also have an option to withdraw to your Money Wallet (within the site) which you can utilize it to for advertising or payment towards membership plans.

What are your Payment methods?

Currently we support only Paypal and Payza based payment methods. We pay to publisher’s Money Wallet within the site as well. Coming future we’ll add more payments methods and will be updated soon.

Will you count towards clicking on my own links?

No we do not count towards clicking on your own links and we consider it as fraudulent in nature. We are bound to send high quality traffic to our advertisers and hence track all activities of the user clicks.  Please visit our terms and conditions page for more details.

What links should be avoided while using Gunankana Shorten Link service?

Gunankana is a premium advertising network service and we take utmost care that any illegal or fraudelent activities are restrained. We have updated our Terms of Use page regarding the important rules that should be abided by every member (advertisers and publishers) while using the Gunankana services for advertising or publishing. We have every legal right to remove or ban the user for the lifetime in such irregular and illegal use of Gunakana services.

What should I do if my account gets banned?

If you are unable log in and see a message about being deactivated, then it is highly that you are banned from using our services and your account can not be reinstated unless you appeal to us from the contact us. If we deny your appeal, all your earnings will be forfeited due to violating our Terms of Use and if we decide in your favor the we may send you payment but your account will be still void. Appeal process will take time unless we validate to our satisfaction.

What types of advertising do you offer?

We offer interstitial (Ads within a browser frame) and popup advertising and are billed according to pay per impression system.  These ads are better suited for increasing the advertiser’s brand awareness, increasing visitors or users on the website, getting high traffic for video and music on youtube like sites and thus creativity is not the limit.

Please note that site starting with (HTTPS) are not allowed in interstitial ads due to HTTPS security. We recommend using popup ads instead for HTTPS sites.


How much is the cost of advertising?

The advertising costs are calculated as Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM) that fluctuates according to the market and our competitor’s price. We have the lowest CPM rates from any other ad network platforms. You will notice that United States has the higher rates due to high quality of traffic and you can see our price for other countries in the advertising page.

How to measure effectiveness of my advertising campaign?

Reports for campaigns in the member dashboard will allow you to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign by tracking clicks, countries and the referrers. The campaign tracking will work for interstitial and popup ads.

How much time does it take for an ad campaign to be approved?

When the payment for the ad campaigns are confirmed then it is manually reviewed by our support team for appropriateness, to filter out the content links that is not illegal and violate our terms and policies. The process takes 2-4 hours if everything is in place else it may take 1-2 days depending on the volume of ad campigns for approval to our support team. In case it takes more than the stipulated time you can always contact the support team. If the campaign is rejected then we may refund the payment only after the appeal is made to us by contact us. Ad campaign rejection very rare case unless the advertisers willing violate our policies.

How to cancel my ad campaign?

We have prohibited members from cancelling the campaign but you can always appeal to our support team in case if you want to cancel, delete or want to pause the ad campaign. However you may not receive the refunds on deleted campaign unless the appeal is in your favour. For the cancelled campaign our team may create a new campaign for the available balance in your account if the appeal is not in your favour.

How do I get refund?

Refunds are prohibited on Gunankana services and hence we recommend payment of exact amount as per ad campaign generated by our system. In exceptional cases we allow our advertisers and publishers to request a refund only when they make an appeal to our support team where you will be required to complete the verification procedure by providing an government ID Proof and your address proof. Support team may also ask for additional documents in case of account discrepancy. The exceptional cases can be as follows:

  1. Wrong amount charged due to system misbehavior.
  2. Network related issue during payment.
  3. Cancelling the ad campaign due to unavoidable circumstances.
Do you offer an referral program?

Yes, we do. Refer friends, relatives or spread words to people with your referral link and you will earn 25% of the commission of their earnings for life. You can track your referral earnings in the member dashboard.

Is signing up free and mandatory?

Yes, registration is always free and it is mandatory for all the users advertisers and publishers. This process helps us to prevent abuses, misuses and to protect the security of the users.

How Gunankana ad network be useful for my business?

Gunankana ad network can significantly increase your marketing power, open up new potential markets and channels, provide you an unmatched control over your campaigns, channels and single Tags, while keeping Brands safe. Gunankana ad network can be used to increase customers attraction on products, to build stronger relationships between Brands and their customers, to increase customers loyalty thus resulting in further reduction of the churn rate. Contact us for some real-life examples.

How can Gunankana ad network increase my marketing power?

Gunankana ad network provides you a tremendous insight into local, regional and global marketing ad campaigns through an amazing member dashboard:

  1. Statistics and click metrics based on: Users, Campaigns, Channels (publications and chapters in case of book publishers)
  2. Real time analytics
  3. Geo location stats
  4. Information about operating systems (desktop or mobile), referrer sites.

Gunankana ad network bridges a gap between offline and online contents and hence it gives you the ability to increase your marketing power.

What kind of companies can benefit from using Gunankana ad network?

Below are the list of companies that can benefit using Gunankana ad network and as long as it does not violate our Terms of Use. Please read our Terms of Use carefully before creating any ad campaigns. (in general ad campaign should not contain any pornographic material, nudity, hate crime towards a group or individual, political hate news etc.)

  1. Marketing & Advertising Agencies
  2. Communication Agencies & Media centers
  3. Mobile Phone Carriers & Operators
  4. Publishers
  5. Companies working in the following areas:
  6. Food transformation or production
  7. Toys
  8. Childhood’s and children’s products
  9. Automotive
  10. Pharmaceutics
  11. Supermarket chains
  12. Cosmetics, beauty products and personal care
  13. Appliances
  14. Technology and Hardware
  15. Financial services
  16. Consumer goods
  17. Any other companies that do not violate our policies
Can I upgrade or downgrade membership plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade membership plan with the condition that;

  1. you pay the difference for the corresponding plan, in case of an upgrade
  2. you have a monthly subscription, in case of a downgrade.
What kind of membership plans do you offer?

We offer Free, Primary and Professional membership plans suitable for publishers. Free plan always remains free with basic features of shortening link, referral earnings and track statistics for referral and links. For more details on the Primary and Professional plan please visit Change You Plan in the member dashboard.

Is it necessary for advertisers to opt for membership plans?

No it is not necessary for the advertisers to opt for membership plan as it is only suitable for publishers. But there are benefits associated with the Primary and Professional plans which you can visit by clicking on the Change Your plan in the member dashboard.

Can I delete links shortened by Gunankana?

No you can not delete links with any membership plan. But you have the option of hiding the links when you upgrade your membership. The links will get deleted by the system within a day if it violates our terms of use and policies.

How can I remove ads displayed on the links?

You can remove ads by clicking on the “Advanced Options” button in the member dashboard by choosing the option “No Advert” from the “Advertising Type” on the shortened links.

Please note removing the ads for the links also removes your chances of earning money.

How can I contact support team?

You can contact support team by three ways:

  1. Conatact us on the home landing page
  2. Support menu in your member dashboard
  3. writing mail to
Can I download invoice?

Not at the moment. But in the future upgrade of our service , You’ll soon have this feature.  Our team is working on this feature and we’ll keep you informed for any futures updates on our site.

How can I pay using credit/debit card?

You can pay the ad campaigns using credit/debit card by selecting the Paypal option. On the Paypal payment page scroll down to see the option.

If the payment fails or you’d like to use online banking please contact our support team for more details.

What is custom Alias for the links?

Custom alias is a name given to your shortened links.

e.g. if your links shortened is ; custom alias with word mylink will be .

Why my links are not monetized?

Your links are not monetized due to the following facts:

  1. If you see that “Book your ads!” message on the link ads, then you will not be earning any money as the system is waiting for the advertisers campaign or the campaign has been rejected due to rules violation.
  2. Your visitors are using ad-block softwares.
  3. Your visitors are using the proxy servers.
  4. Visitors IP is not unique.